About Sammy's Rescue

Sammy’s is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing unwanted, abandoned, and neglected dogs and finding them loving happy homes.

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Why An Animal Rescue?

It’s known far and wide that dogs are man’s best friend. Their adorable faces and happy go lucky attitudes fill our lives with such joy. Unfortunately, all too often, dogs are abandoned or neglected and rescued from poor living conditions.

When you adopt from an animal rescue, you are transforming and saving the life of a creature who depends upon humans for care and shelter. You are giving them a second chance and a fresh start at a new home, and in return, you will be given unconditional love. You are also opening up shelter space for another animal who might desperately need it.

What To Expect When Adopting

Adopting a dog can be a very rewarding experience. Many people don’t realize that bringing a new dog into their home takes a huge amount of preparation, perseverance, and patience. It’s vital for new owners to do whatever they can to ensure that their rescue dog adapts well to its new and loving home as quickly as possible. Learn what to expect in the first 30-60 days with your dog and other helpful tips during the adoption process.

Meet our founder, Sara!

Sara’s idea to start a dog rescue stems from a personal experience and a lifelong passion for animals. As an empty nester exiting Mom-mode, she rescued Sammy from an elderly relative and discovered the joy that comes from providing a safe, loving environment to an animal in need. The experience had such an impact on her that she set up Sammy’s Rescue in an effort to give more animals the opportunity to find new homes.

“The most rewarding thing is watching them change and grow everyday. I love seeing the happiness in the families who adopt our animals. Watching them go to good homes, with good people, makes it all worth it.”

When she started this journey, Sara had no idea how much time, effort, and emotion this journey would ask of her. While there’s been challenges and obstacles, Sara’s unwavering love for animals fuels her way forward. That, and the memory of her beloved Sammy dog.

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